Friday, March 22, 2013

Shangai - Movie - My view

               I didn’t have any impression on this movie when I first selected this movie and had no clue what this movie would be based on. Fortunately I had made a right choice to watch this. When we think of a thriller genre, there would definitely be a mystery to be disclosed at the end of the movie. But this one was an exception.

               This movie revolves around four people. IAS officer, a photographer, PHD doctor and his student. The main plot of the story is the murder of the doctor (hit by a truck) and IAS investigating the case to confirm that it’s an accident and submit a report. The doctor’s student is the person who gathers all the evidence to prove that it’s a planned murder and not an accident and photographer who helps this girl in this process. No we don’t have to wait till the last few minutes to know who the murderer but you know him right from the first scene. But how the IAS officer solves the puzzle by linking all the ends together makes it more interesting. And the way he handles it at the end is smart. And last 1 minute shows the pathetic state of our country which depicts even though we have smart people to bring out the truth there is no one left on the other side of the crime to take action on them.

                The screenplay is fast and making of the film demands applaud. Even though this is based on a foreign film, the director should definitely be appreciated for re-creating the magic. Though the plot seems to be dry, the screenplay has made it interesting. Everyone in the film has done their part to the point, not less or not more to what is required. The IAS officer being portrayed as a Tamizhiyan is another point for me to feel happy.

So don’t miss this film. You will never be disappointed.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

A trip to Isle of Wight

I always wanted to visit Isle of Wight since many years. May be this is because of all the praises I received from others. So I was waiting for a chance to pack my bags to the island for a short trip. At last we got a chance to visit the island recently during September of 2012 (8th and 9th). It was me and my husband and 2 of our friends joined us for the trip. When we decided to go on a short trip for the weekend, we all came up with few options and finally zeroed on Isle of Wight. By the time the decision was made, we just had 3 days to plan everything.

The first thing I understood when I looked at the city map was it’s a very small place and there should not be much travel. I first started with booking the accommodation. I had made up my mind that we should only be staying in a hotel close to the beach. When I checked the map I could understand that Sandown and Shanklin are the places which had many hotels close to the beach. As the booking was about to be done before 3 days of the trip, I was not left with many options and could find only some options in Sandown. So I went ahead and booked the Carlton Hotel in Sandown. Looking at the pictures from the website, it looked like it was very close to the Sandown beach and Pier. So now the accommodation is sorted out.
We planned to leave Saturday morning by car to Portsmouth and then take a ferry from there. We hadn’t booked our ferry as we were not sure when we would reach the port. Saturday morning we met our friends at Hayes and started traveling towards Portsmouth at around 11:00. The journey was estimated to be around 2 hours. But the climate was very warm
 that particular weekend and there were lot of people on the motorway traveling to beaches (Portsmouth and Southampton) which increased the travel time due to traffic. At last we reached Portsmouth at around 14:30.
 We came to a park close to beach and saw few people doing barbeque and hence parked the car and had our food. The first thought was to make it a short meal but with all the items added up we had a big feast :-). The actual lunch process took around 2 hours and then we decided to take 16:30 ferry. Then we left the park and took the 16:30 ferry. We took return ferry ticket as well for 19:00 on Sunday.

The ferry trip was short and sweet. It was nice sitting at the outdoor and looking at other ships and speed boats. It was a very short trip for about 25 mins. It was already 17:00 and we decided to go to the hotel straight away which was at quiet a distance and thought of stopping by on the way if we found something interesting. When we started driving towards Sandown we saw a sign board showing the direction for sea view and hence decided to go there. We reached one of the beaches and spent some time at the place. It was a very small beach. Then after spending around 30 mins at the beach we started towards Sandown to checkin the hotel. When I was initially booking the hotel ,I had to book for the other side of the beach view room as all the beach view rooms were all gone but when we arrived at the hotel reception, to our surprise we got the beach view room and it was amazing.

After few mins of fresh up we started exploring the beach and the surrounding area. We first hit the sandy beach and after few minutes of play decided to go for dinner. The location of the hotel was very good that both beach and city center was very near. The city center had many restaurants. We chose an Indian restaurant Swad. We enjoyed our dinner. Then we saw a casino at the end of the road and thought we could spend a couple of hours in the casino. After losing few pounds  we left to the room for a good night sleep.

The weather was very warm the particular weekend and we could feel the heat inside the room in the morning even with the curtains closed. We had a good view of morning sun and then got ready for the second day excitement. First we decided to leave to Shanklin Chine. I read very good review about this place and hence had big expectation about it before even going there. And ofcourse my expectation was met. This is a place full of different and rare varieties of plant species. The whole place was very green and cool. The highlight was the view of Shanklin beach from the Chine. It was an amazing view and we could not come away from the place for sometime. This place is a must to see in Isle of Wight for those who enjoy nature. Sit at the bench facing the beach holding your soul mate’s hand by smelling the nature (and here I give you a romantic idea).

 After Shanklin Chine we left to Godshill Model village. This place has got miniatures of buildings from old age to the current period. It was a small place and could go around all the miniatures in 20 minutes. Nothing much to be said about this place, except for admiring the skill in bringing the exact miniature of the buildings. Next stop is The Needles, which was the most awaited place to be visited. The journey was estimated to be around 1 hour. By the time we reached Needles, there was a change in climate and it started to be very cold. But as this place could never be missed, we took our ticket for one way chair car lift and decided to climb up in return by walk.

The chair car lift was quiet amusing but I wouldn’t say it was a great thrill. The Album bay is the place where you could see red color sand. Though the beach was having pebbles near the water there were huge rocks or mountain like thing away from the water which was in different colors like orange and red. The Needles (two white sharp rocks) was a good view from the beach and we enjoyed our time there. By the time we decided to start climbing up, heavy rain started and we had to rush to the car. The climbing back walk took around 10 to 15 mins. As we were already tired and it was raining, climbing the steps was a bit difficult.

It was only around 17:00 and we were left out with time for the ferry. So we decided to go to the Osborne House in Ryde, which was on the way to Fishbourne. The drive was about 30 mins. But unfortunately the castle closing time was 17:00 and hence it was closed by the time we went there. The climate was becoming bad and we were tired too and hence decided to go to Fishbourne and request for an early ferry. We relied on the navigator and followed the route for East Cowes. To our surprise we landed in Cowes actually and we found water in the middle. There were a couple of other vehicles ahead in the queue. Then we came to know that there is a ferry which would cross the water gap. The ride was really funny as the travel would be only less than 5 mins. Once you cross the water you are in East Cowes. We reached there around 18:00 and were luckily taken for the 18:30 ferry saving 1 hour of our time. We felt the return ferry was much quicker and we started our travel from Portsmouth to London with all the memories of the island.

Though it was a small island it is definitely a place not to be missed. This is very good options to relax and spend our sunny weekend. Though it was very near to England it is very different in all ways from rest of England.

No you can't miss this:

1) Shanklin Chine

2) The Needles

3) Album Bay

4) Sandown

Though we haven’t got chance to go to Luccombe bay and Osborne House, I have heard from one of our friend that it’s a good place to spend sometime.

Don’t worry to give it a miss:

1) Godshill Model village

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Madras Week....

After a long break I return with my next blog. The reason which pushed me to do this is CHENNAI. I came across the news about the Chennai week. Being a Chennaite its my duty to pour my sweet memories about Chennai. Chennai completes its 371 years of existence on August 22nd since it was formed as Madaraspattinam in 1639. This old city has seen lot of raise and fall but still keeps growing with the same josh like a new born child.

            Being born in this Metropolitan city I love Chennai, as every other Chennaite. I don’t remember those days when we used to call it Madras. But I guess I started calling it Chennai since my college days. And to be honest I have never realized the greatness about Chennai since I first came to UK. More than I missed my home, I missed Besant Nagar beach (of course for onion bajji), Hot chips Coffee, Spencer Plaza….and many other things. Going to Eastham made me nostalgic, where I felt like being in T.Nagar. For people who have seen Chennai only in Tamizh cinemas, the first or only thing that would come to your mind would be the Central station. But I promise there are lot many wonders apart from this, which would make you go crazy for this city.

            Marina Beach, Santhome beach, Thirumanmiyur beach, Parthasaradhi temple, Santhome Chruch, Mount road, Shopper stop, Spencer Palza, Cooum river, Vandalur zoo, Meenambakkam airport, Kannimara Library, Tidel park, OMR, Mahindra city, Adayar tree (which no more exists), Cathepara junction, Koyembedu market, Koyembedu bus stop, Egmore, Saravana bavan, Gemini flyover, LIC building, ICF, T.Nagar, Ranganathan street, Saravana stores, Pothys, Burma Bazzar, Paris(Namma ooru Paris), Valluvarkottam, Kodambakkam, Kannaki statue, Poes Garden,  Kollywood, IIT Madras, Anna University, Madras University, Raj Bhavan, Sathyam Theater, INOX, Anna Nagar, Kilpauk Medical college, Apollo hospital, SBOA, DAV school, MTC bus, Share auto, Le Meridian, Taj, Chola, Park, Music acedamy, Software Engineers with different colored tags, Engineering college buses, IT company buses, traffic constables who are always tensed with this growing number of vehicles, our Madras Tamizh (which even people from other parts of Tamil Nadu don’t understand).…… and I know this list will never end. These are few places and things that come to my mind when I think of Chennai.

            When I talk about Chennai there would be gang of my friends who would raise their hand against Chennai. The main reason for their protest would be Autos drivers, Dust and Language. But everyone would agree no place in this earth would have all positives. Other than few negatives, I think Chennai is the most beautiful place to enjoy the life. I’m sure those people who have come to Chennai from other states also would have started liking the place as days goes by. You can never forget this beautiful, fun filled city once you start living your life here.

            Giving a glance at Chennai, we would get to see the traces of many dynasties and colonies. Santhome San Thome Basilica built by Portuguese, Central railway station(which is a look alike of London Kings cross station), Ribbon building, St. George fort and few other buildings by British people, Kapaleeshwar temple built by Pallavas, would be few examples I could think of. Chennai as a whole is the place of heritage, culture, technology and many more. The city along with its growth has given lives for many people. It has given place for everyone who came in.

This city has given me my good standard of education, friends, good experience to cherish and bad experiences to learn from, good culture, and most important my husband, who still remembers Raj Bhavan hotel sambhar everyday.

I would personally wish to see this city grow more the same way it does now. Adding to all other developments, I would personally like to see our Cooum river back to us the way it was years back. Hope it turns to be Thames of Chennai soon.  Also wish to see our auto drivers use their auto meter which would have gone rusted all these days.

At this prestigious moment, we stand together to salute this great city which has taken all the geographical, social and cultural changes to itself and been a good place for us to live in. For people in Chennai enjoy your time for the fullest and for people who stay away from the city, like me, cherish those days you spent in the city until you get a chance to land in Meenambakkam airport. (In the mean time you can catch hold of any new Chennaites whom you come across and ask them this standard question “Nenga Chennai ah? Chennai la enga?”.)

CHENNAI …… this is the place where I belong.

I’m proud to be a Chennai ponnu!!!

Happy Birthday CHENNAI!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

En Vazhkaiyil vandha Volcano

Ennoda previous post la en samayalai paththi padichirupeenga. Adhula sonna mari idhu na senja prawn oda climax. En hubby Thursday 15th Belfast ku varanum. But as you all know Iceland la Volcano vandhadhunala ella flight from to UK were cancelled. Blessing in disguise mari my hubby’s flight was the last flight from Belgium to London. So London Heathrow vandhachu.

He called me Thursday afternoon and said that his next flight to Belfast at 13.50 hrs is cancelled. Appo I didn’t realize this as such a huge problem, so night flight schedule pannuvanganu nenachen. Meantime, en hubby immigration and medical checkup ellam yeduthutu irukkum podhu, anga irundhavanga pesinadha vechi pakkum podhu flight inime next day thandra mari yengalukku purinjadhu. Already ennoda hubby ya BA kum BMI Heathrow airport alaya vechchi, kadaisiya Friday flight illa, idhoda Saturday morning 8.50 ku than next flight nu sollitu Checkin panna Suitcase um kuduthutanga.

Meantime na en friend’s kita discuss pannitu irukkum podhu, they suggested me about ferry from London to Belfast. So na en hubby kitta information desk la poyi ferry pathi kekka sonnen. Then information desk la oru punniyavan Dublin poyi angarundhu Belfast ku train la poyidunu sollirukkan. En hubby yum avan sonna vudane yenakku on the way vandhutu surprise kudukkalamnu, first phase of travel la Euston poga Tube la yeriyachu. Apparam na call pannum podhu “Na Belfast vandhutu irukennu” sonnaru. Then eppadi varanu kekkum podhu than Dublin vishayam veliya vandhadhu. Then I got shocked and said he doesn’t have visa for Dublin, as it doesn’t come under UK visa and it requires Republic of Ireland visa nu.

But andha Information desk la irundhavan Dublin transit nala ne pogalamnu solli anupitan. Apparam Euston poyi serum podhu time already 4 PM. Then anga poyi Virgin trains la kekkum podhu than ne Dublin poga mudiyadhu vevum na Glasgow poyi night stay pannitu next day Belfast poyidunu easy ya sollitan. But unfortunately my hubby didn’t carry more cash also and he was almost tired of carrying a big suitcase of 30KG and a cabin bag of 10KG. Even I lost my patience and told him not to run here and there and I would arrange some place for him to stay.

Apparam hotels ellam patha, almost ellam full and only left out with some sharing Dorms. So idhu vezhaki agadhunu, started contacting my London friends. En bad luck na yaru kandippa help pannuvanganu nenachano, avangalukku help panna mudiyadha situation. So kadasiya oru friend ku call panni keta, avanga udane vara sollitanga. Then en hubby Euston la irundhu Heathrow poyi ticket confirmation vangiyachu. Then en hubby ya en friend vetukku poga, sammadhikka vekka accommodation kandupidikka kasta patta mariye kasta puttu odhukka vechchachu.

Then Heathrow airport la irundhu oru taxi pidichi en friend vettu address sonna, avan taxi la tom tom kuda illa and taxi driver en hubby kita vazhi sollunu oru alambal. En friend ku udane phone panni vazhi solli oru vazhiya driver ku puriya vechi vettukku kutitu poyi vittachu. After he reached my friend’s place I was bit relaxed. Idhukku naduvula senja  prawn curry ya waste pannadha na Saturday vandhu sappiduren nu solliyachu. But na neraya senjadhunala sari en office la friend ku kuduthudulam nu nenachi avangala ketta, avanga vendam, nenga unga hubby kaga senjadhu, nengale sappitunganu sollitanga. Oru vela sappida bayandhu appadi solliruppangalonu apparam feel pannen. So Saturday vandhuduvarunu nenachi ennala mudinja alavukku curry ah gali pannen. But thaniya avlo effort poda mudiyala. Then Saturday News patha annaikkum flights cancel. So enna panna mudiyum? Idhu mela curry ah vechitu irundha rombha damage ayidumnu, heavy heart oda dust bin la potten.

So en first non-veg samayal for my hubby, konjam yenakkum, konjam dust bin kum poyachu L. Oru vela santhoshama irundha edho oru prawn ah piricha pavam than ippadi en vazhkaila Volcano va vandha vilayadiduchonu nenakkiren. Ippadiye Saturday, Sunday, Monday nu poyikitte irukku but flight mattum vitta mari illa. So idhoda oru special um kedayadhu, flight Belfast la land ana udane than samakka arambhikkaradhunu mudivu panniyachu. Enna panna en prawn curry sappida kuduthu vaikkala.

Indha chaos layum I’m atleast I’m happy that he is now in a safe place. Thank God that he was atleast able to reach London and I could contact him(na en intelligence use panni India trip pona appo kudutha UK Sim card, ippadu use agumnu nenakkave illa) often to know the status. If he had been caught in Belgium then there   would not have been this chance also and that would have been the most unfortunate experience of life.

Hope our friend Volcano rest in peace sooner and leave way for all the flights……

Friday, April 16, 2010

En Samayalaraiyil

Title ah pathavudane….na oru periya cook nu mudivu panni irukkalam. Illa na edho recipe solla porennu nenakkilam. But idhu ennoda recent chinna cooking experience.

My hubby was supposed to come to Belfast on Thursday April 15th. Indha “Was supposed to come” oda story thani, so adha apparam deal pannikalam. Ippo ennoda special cooking for my hubby.

This is the first time na en hubby kaga ennoda vettula samakkiradhu. So special ah yedhavadhu samakkalamnu yosichittu irukkum podhu sari avarukku prawns pidikkume adhaye panniduvomnu mudivu panniyachu. Samachchi oru surprise ah varumbodhu kuduthu asathalamnu oru excitement….

Idhula en cooking background ah pathi therinjikanumnah….. UK varadhukku minnadi kitchen pakkam plate ah sink la poda mattum than poyirukken. Adhu than nambha expertise. But inga vandha apparam slow ah pick up ayiten…because daily sappidanumnah kandippa rice avadhu vekka therinji irukkanum la….. So ippadi arambhitha en samayal payanam ippo oru step forward la poyi amogamaga munnerikkondu irukku.

So back to samayal. 3 manikke office la irundhu escape agi namma Tesco ku poyi prawns vagitu vandhu nalla ponnu mari office vandhu ukkandhuten. Apparam 5.30 ku bag ah thukkitu vettukku poyi hubby ku phone panni airport vandhachanu visarichitu irukkum podhu….. naan varadhukku enna special? Lamb try pannu nu order…. Apparam surprise ellam disclose panni naan prawn pannapora vishayatha sonnen. Adhukku parattu ketakkumnu patha “Ne ellam samaikkaradhe surprise than” nu oru comment vera. Sari nallavangala aandavan sodhipaan but kai vida mattannu….velaya arambhichen. Idhula veettula irundhu vera “mappillaikku nalla samachi vei” nu pressure.

First nambha google ah open panni “Chettinad Prawn curry” thedi, oru recipe ya kandu pidichachu. Nanum seiyiradhu rombha kastamnu nenachen. But simple ah recipe sollanumna thakkali thokku pannitu prawn ah adhula poda sollirundhanga avlove dhan….. (Thakkali thokku eppadi pannanumnu muzhikkaravanga contact me personally).

Recipe ellam pathutu cooking start panni, anaikku mattum 2 hours ah samachirukken….. enna appadi pannennah raddish sambhar, prawns curry and rice. Avlo thaan… he he. Then naane risk eduthu adha sappitum pathen(vera enna panna testing rat ketakkila inga). Paravala kalakkiten..... 

But annaikku mattum samaikkum podhu special care ellam eduthu samachen…. Because en hubby na samachu sapida pora first non-veg dish appadinu oru payam. Oru vazhiya samachi mudichi….next nalu office ku poyi ellarum hubby ku special ah enna samachanum kettum podhu perumaya PRAWN appadinu sollikitten…..

But idhoda climax innum irrukku…….wait for it.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

En payanam...

Last few days I feel that I have missed all my precious youth......

Yosichi patha...may be my mind is true. But still I have not missed lot of fun.

Being a little above average student(Nijamave) from a little strict school, I was not very proactive. So school la rombha adakki than vasichen. Then entrance exam, Enigneering counselling, college admission nu days were running. After lot of enquries from all my daddy's friend kadasiya oru college ah pudicharu.

Actually yenakku konjam Physics nalla varum. Adhanalayum en Physics sir inspiration nalayum enakku ECE (Electronics and Communication Enginerring) padikkanumnu asai, but en appakku na IT padikkanumnu asai. So avaru select panna college ye counselling la select um panniyachu. Actually I should say pidichi thalliachu. Because without hearing to what I was saying also my daddy selected the college and course which I was suppose to study. So thalliyachu oru vazhiliya. Fees avaru thane katta poraru so kandipa soldradha kettu than aganum :-)

Vettukku vandhu azhudhu aarpattam ellam panni pathum vezhakki agala, so oru vazhiya college joining date kuda vandhachu. College na namma tamizh padathula ellam katura mari, periya maram, class kattadikkuradhu, mass bunk ellam irukkumnu vandha, en college la ne enginerring padikka vandhurukkanu sollama sonnanga. Eppadi theriyuma boys kuda pesa kudadhu, camera vechi monitor pannuvom appadi ippadi nu... vandha azhugaya thotachitu en appava morakka than mudinchadhu.

So September 2000 la en engineering vazhkai inedhaga thodangiyachu. Sari sendhachu ini 4 varusham otti thane aganumnu next valaya pakka arambichuten. First nal cinema actor Nagesh mari orutharu vandhu na than Prinicipal of college nu sonnaru(we could try him as his double action actually), adi yalu mari orutharu vandhu na than chairman appadinu sonnaru, sari irundhutu ponu na poyi last bench ah pudichi ukkandhuten.

First year la ella branch um ore class dhan. Actually enkita pesina yarume IT branch illanu apparam therinjadhu. First year la boys pakkam thirumbhave bayam. Yaru pesitu principal room la dhevudu kappah.....So rombha naal ippadiye pochu then January 26th 2001 la oru earth quake vandhadhu. Adhu ivlo nal en life va shake pannumnu appo nenakkala. So earth quake sakka vechchi en gang la irundha girl um first time yengayavadhu veliya pogalamnu mudivu panniyachu. Appo dhan sela boys avangalum yenga kuda varadha sonnanga(En husband um idhula included)....periya discussion ku apparam, yarum pakka mattanganu nambi avangala kutitu ponom. Onnum periya outing ellam illa chumma anna nagar tower varaikkum than. But appo adhuve perusu.

So adhaye pillayar suzhiya nenachu boys kuda nalla pesa arambhichachu. At last en college la restrictions illa na kuda appadi boys and girls pesirukka mattangadra level ku yellarum avanga avanga gang oda settle ayitanga. Indha nonstop pechu nala link ana pair yeththanai yeththanai.... Kathu nerappina balloon ah evlo hard ah thannila ammukkuromo avlo force oda veliya varum. Adhu mari than teenage um. Evlo control pandrangalo avlo arathu thanam nadakkum. Aaga motham oruvazhiya yellarum jodhi la ayikiyamayachu....

Appo dhan first year mudinji second year start achu. Ellarum gumbhaloda govindha potadhu podumnu branch vise pirichitanga. Patha enkuda irundha yarume en branch illa. So angayum last bencha oru vazhiya pidichachu. Enna polave rendu appavi jivangal rendu avanga group mates illama last bench la vendhu ukkadhudhugal. So michchamum sochamum sedhu nanga oru group ayachu. Aparam nanga 3 perum ganga yamuna saraswathi mari ayitom na pathukongalen.

Enna nadandhalum last bencha mattum enga soththu. Yarayum vida mattom. Enga area vulla varadha mari. Classukku varadhu chocolate sappuduradhu, lunchu la poyi potato fry adhigama irukka plate la ukkara sandai poduradhu, interval la avanga avanga old gang kuda arata, ippadiye konja nal pochu. Semester exam vandha baga pirivinai mari unit perichi(area ya pirichi kudukkura mari) padikkavendiyadhu apparam exam annaki vandhu knowledge sharing (?) pannikka vendiyadhu.

But oru vishyam, en appah panna nalla kariyangalula onnu yenna IT branchula sethadhu than. Because na yendha branch edukkanumnu nenacheno adhu than rombha kastamana branch. Andha class pasanga ellam eppo pathalum special class padippunu iruppanga, ana enga branch la eppovum college arampichu 1 month kazhilichi than teacher eh varuvanga. Vandhu onnum perusa torture pannida mattanga. Avangalum jodhila iyikiyamayiduvanga. Ellana pasangalum vida mattangala. So appo purinjadhu everything happens for good (nadappadhu ellam nanmaike) nu edhukku soldranganu.

Ippadiye ennoda rendu friends en life la rombha pinni penanjetangah. Class la vetti kadha, then vettukku pona udane phone call, apparom night net la chatting. Appadi enna than pesunomnu ippo sathiyama theriyala. Enga vetla phone bill ah pathu archanai vangi kuda thirundhala. But andha phone bill la nanga potta kadalai kum perum pangu undu. Enna panna adhu valibha vayasu....

Third and fourth year la potta kadalayala neraya twist and turns. But oru vazhiya ellam solve aghiduchu. Friend in need is a friend in deed nu solluvangale, adhu madhiri en nijamana friends ah appo identify pannen. Slowly I realised that avanga than en friends nu. So appo mudivu pannen life la eppovum ivangala miss panna maten nu.... ippo varaikkum kapathitu varen.

College life yizhubariya 2004 la mudinchudhu. Vazhiya vandhu vanatha villa vazhaipom, manala kayirah thiripponu kavanu kandute vandhom. But unfortunately higher studies adhu idhu nu brain ah kozhappi oru vazhiya ellathayum mootta atti vichitu vela theda arambhichom. But appo ella off campus um mudinchachu, so wait panni oru vazhiya oru software company la velakkum sedhachu. Aana andha gapula nanum en friend um neraya suthinom, nalla enjoy pannom. Andha period ah marakka mudiyadhu. Kaila kasu avvalava illatiyum nalla enjoy pannom (appah voda kasula than).

Life la struggle time na adhu than yenakku. Neraya maturity vandhadhu. Chumma college vedu nu irundha yengalukku job searching oru different experience ah irundhadhu. Neraya different people meet pannom. Ellarum ore mari kedayadhunu therinjikittom. Inspite of that we should think that God has given us time to take rest before this long run nu than yeduthukanum. Then na office vedu, weekend meetings nu settle ayiten. En friends rendu perum US (uzhavar sandhai illa United states) poyitanga. Oruthi padikkuren nu sollitu pona, ennoruthi nijamave vela panna pona.

Apparam anga suththi inga suththi nanum UK la vandhu nikkiren ippo. Innoru mukkiyamana vishayam, yenga groupula irundha ellarum love marriage than.....and ellam college mates than :-). Yeppadi? Sela peru joint agi perinji poyitanga....aga motham almost 80% kadalai varuthavanga than. Indha statistics yenga principal ku therincha rombha feel pannuvaru pavam......

As I said in the start of this page, na konjam feel pandradhu yedhu kaga nah...konjam brain ah use panni nalla padichirukkalam. Chumma mark vanga mattum nu illama konjam knowledge kuda gather pannirukkalam. Kadalai time kammi panni useful ah yedhavadhu pannirukkalamenu kosippen.....but enna panna ippo yosichi enna proyojanam. I think most of the people do this regretting in their life.

As a whole this college life has given me my most understanding friends and my lovable hubby. So its worth to relish this moments throughout my life..... Ippo oralavukku kaila kasu irukku but enna panna adha vechi en friend ku call panni than pesa mudiyum, onna meet panni oru coffee kuda kudikka mudiyathu. Becasue we three are in three different continent actually but still enga vetti kadhai innum thodarudhu(ippo enga sondha kasula than). Meendum meendum thodarum........